Where the Rubber Meets the Road


Scenic Tool & Stamping utilizes the highest quaility, high-speed stamping presses available. Our presses range from 30 to 60 tons, with bed sizes up to 36" and have the capability to run up to 1,500 strokes per minute. Scenic Tool & Stamping specializes in microstampings .032" and thinner; however we are capable of stamping material as thin as .002" and up to .125". Each press has an integrated software package capable of monitoring OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) which is visible on all computer work stations as well as the production area.  

Bruderer 30 Ton High Speed Stamping Press   


Scenic Tool & Stamping provides continuous vision inspection on all reel to reel parts. A secondary operation is also available for the inspection of loose piece parts. Our advanced vision system detects defects in realtime so that they can be removed and addressed immediately. This process enables higher first time quality percentages.

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