Industries Served

Scenic Tool & Stamping serves all industries that require metal stampings. Our knowledge and expertise ranges from simple hardware to sophisiticated medical and automotive connector stamping.

General Hardware

Scenic Tool & Stamping started by making single hit, compound blanking dies that produced hardware parts for the go-kart racing industry. We supplied .1250" thick floor pan tabs, chain guards and fly wheel covers. This experience prepared us to produce simple washers and brackets for BMW which is located just down the road.

General Electronics

Scenic Tool & Stamping's first connector stamping project came along in 1995, while we were heavily concentrating on hardware stampings. That project was the beginning of our shift into primarily connector stamping. Today, STS stamps 100's of millions of contacts for our many connector customers. The end use of many of these stampings varies greatly from telecommunications, computers, computer hardware and many more. Material thickness of .002" to .050" is the industry norm, and STS is capable of producing what you need from the concept stage, all the way to realization.


Automobiles are more electronically advanced than ever. Today, there are thousands of connectors in a single automobile. While all industries carry special quality requirements, it is the automotive industry that led us to implement continuous camera monitoring. All stamping presses at Scenic Tool & Stamping are equipped with vision systems to ensure 0 PPM or PPB required by tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers. We have supplied components for air bag terminals, sun roofs, ignitions, rear cameras, rear camera sensors, window switches, battery terminals, brackets and much more. We are prepared to supply PFMEA, Design for Manufacturability and PPAPs for any automotive project. With our lean methodology and multiple order placement options available, Scenic Tool & Stamping can cover your just-in-time and dock-to-stock systems.


The medical industry has quickly become just as demanding as the automotive industry. Many of the same processes and procedures that we use to serve the automotive industry also apply to the medical industry. From dental devices to blood glucose meters, we are able to supply the quality needed to ensure safe and reliable products.


While military manufacturing is the smallest industry served by Scenic Tool & Stamping, no less emphasis is placed on the quality and delivery of military projects. STS handles every order with the same level of quality and customer service, no matter the size of the job.


At Scenic Tool & Stamping our overall goal is to serve all of our customers, no matter the industry, with high quality parts at a competitive cost. We exercise honesty and integrity and as a result, we have maintained long standing relationships with all of our customers and often gain business through referrals from our current relationships. We aim to be proactive in serving our customers even when it means financial investments that we take on alone. We appreciate the business of our customers, knowing that they could go elsewhere but choose to work with Scenic Tool & Stamping. Give us the opportunity to quote your work, and when we win the job, you will quickly realize that not only have you found a quality supplier, but also a lifelong partner to supply your needs.

"STS is a super supplier. [They are] always making the seemingly impossible happen to ensure parts never stock out, the customer service team maintains a can-do attitude no matter the requests and the engineering team is poised to react within a moments notice."  

~Valued Customer

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