EDM Machining

Many of the precision metal stampings made at Scenic Tool & Stamping require very tight tolerances. In order to meet those specifications, incredible emphasis is placed on the quality of tooling that goes into our stamping dies. Scenic Tool & Stamping utilizes the latest EDM technology to achieve the best possible surface finishes and most precise dimensions for die tooling. We have 2 Agie Charmilles Cut 2000 EDM machines. These top of the line machines are capable of automatic wire size changes and completing complex parts in a matter of hours.

                                                                    Agie Charmilles Cut 2000

Scenic Tool & Stamping also operates 3 Mitsubishi wire EDM machines. These machines burn through even the toughest jobs with incredible precision.

                                                                                       Mitsubishi EDM

Scenic Tool & Stamping has also invested in an Agie Charmilles Drill 20 to prepare a variety of metals for the EDM process.

                                                                                 Agie Charmilles Hole Popper


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