The Scenic Tool & Stamping Commitment

A Letter from the President

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a coronavirus guidance for America to identify what industries are an essential part of the national infrastructure, with a special responsibility to continue to maintain a normal work schedule during this time of crisis.

As a provider of Stamped Metal connectors whose end use is used in the following industries: Automotive, Electronics, Medical, and Defense, the operation of Scenic Tool and Stamping is vital to the continuing ability to produce and deliver such supplies throughout the United States. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to do everything reasonably possible to keep our communities supplied safely and responsibly during this unprecedented time.

We realize that all of our lives across the globe have been interrupted in many ways and we all desire for life to return to normal sooner than later. We are concerned about the health and safety of others during this time and we are doing all that we can to minimize transmission of this virus and to keep our employees safe. We are doing our best to follow the recommendations and mandates of our leaders and authorities and asking all employees to do likewise. We have seen people come together in respect one for another and unite in spite of differences in opinions. At STS, we are practicing social distancing, increased daily cleaning practices, restricted access to our facility, and we have employees working remotely from home, all in an effort to put this behind us. We are encouraging and supporting one another as we know people are genuinely concerned about family, loss of jobs, and getting sick. We have a great respect to those who are working on the front line caring for the many people who have contracted this virus and putting others in front of their own lives. Our prayers are for them and we know they certainly appreciate all efforts to mitigate the transmission of this virus. Ultimately, we know God is in control and we know that He will bring this to pass in His time!

Thank you,

Todd Blackwell


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