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Scenic Tool & Stamping currently provides stampings, tooling and other machined parts for the Automotive, Medical, Electronics and Aviation markets. We are a contract supplier that produces parts to order based on customer requirements. We receive those requirements in the form of prints or drawings, but can assist our customers in creating those prints if necessary.

For stampings, we work with a variety of metals including stainless steel and copper alloys from .002" to .125" thick. We also provide plating and heat treating through our valued suppliers.

For tooling and machining work, we utilize carbide, brass and all varieties of steel. We provide coating, plating and all types of heat treating through our suppliers for these items as well.

  • Design

    The engineering team at Scenic Tool & Stamping can help your company manufacture a wide variety of parts from simple tooling, fixtures, and one hit dies to multi-station progressive dies and simple automation concepts. They will apply design for manufacturability principles to your project to create a cost effective solution to all of your manufacturing needs.


  • Custom Dies

    A stamping die is the tool that bends, coins and punches out the coiled raw material. Built primarily from tool steel, it absorbs the repetitive shock of being closed with up to several tons of pressure. Progressive dies are made up of multiple stations, each performing a different step toward creating a finished part. The material moves through the die via an automatic feeder.


  • Progressive Stamping

    Scenic Tool and Stamping specializes in progressive stamping, a metal working method that includes bending, coining and punching out parts from a coil of raw material...


  • Fixtures, Gages and Assembly Equipment

    Scenic Tool & Stamping offers additional services to compliment our stamping and tooling work. Many of our customers require fixtures and gages for inspection as well as insertion and secondary forming tooling. We will work with you to design any additional tooling or equipment needed to support your operation.


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